Motto and Crest

Semper summa cum honestate, constantia, sapientia vivemus.

We shall always live with the greatest degree of integrity, perseverance, and wisdom.Integrity, Perseverance and Wisdom are familiar and attractive words.  Really living up to them is another matter.  While most of us have moments when we manifest these qualities from time to time, how many of us make doing so our constant aspiration?

Integrity suggests wholeness of character.  It is the state one reaches when virtue becomes a habit.  A person of integrity has a private character that matches his or her public character and chooses to do the right thing even if it costs them dearly and will never be applauded.

Perseverance is so often the difference-maker.  Meaningful activities, careers and lives don’t come easy. Achieving them takes grit, not just talent.  Brilliant plans come to nothing if we are willing to pay a price for bringing them to life.

Wisdom means something much deeper than knowledge—it means putting the knowledge we have to the right use.  It makes good judgement possible in situations where there is no clear right or wrong answer.

Our motto reminds us that true education is not just about the accumulation of facts but about the pursuit of a better self, where the knowledge we achieve is not just currency for the marketplace, but something that informs our character.  We owe our motto to the same people who gave our college its name, Archie and Linda Dunham.  It reflects their own deeply-cherished values, and their sense that meriting these words is an essential part of a well-lived life.  At the college that bears the Dunhams’ name, we don’t just want to pay lip service to such ideals.  We strive to live into them.