Dunham College offers a variety of events throughout the year. Programming includes scholarly, social and cultural events. Among these are:

Dunham Days and Dunhampalooza
Dunham Days (fall semester) and Dunhampalooza (spring semester) are our week-long celebrations of Dunham College. A variety of academic, social, artistic and creative events takes place throughout the week, always finished off by a special event hosted by our College Council.






Coffee Hour
The Coffee Hour occurs every Thursday at 4. The Arts & Academics Committee hosts our fellows and often a special guest from the campus or community to come share their advice on life, thoughts on current events, academic and research interests, special projects, etc.






All-College Dinners
All-College Dinners are to mark the start or end of the term, award College recognitions, hold College ceremony, or to celebrate special occasions.






Midnight Buttery
Our take on a tradition that dates back to the early years at Oxford University, the Midnight Buttery is a late-night feast that occurs about once per month, usually to celebrate the completion of midterm exams or a special College accomplishment. We bring out lots of board games, music, and delicious food as the college fellows and guests celebrate together.







College and Hall Council Programming
In addition to the traditional programing, floor and College programming is offered by groups of College Fellows, Graduate Tutors, and Faculty Fellows and can range from guest speakers to game nights and open mics, to concerts and performances, to readings and recitations, to tailgates and cooking competitions.